Aug 10, 2011

Top Best Credit Cards for Balance Transfer

Balance transfer credit cards can save you much money due to lower or 0% interest. Today’s consumers tend to use their credit cards more wisely, that is way 0 balance transfer offers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It can be a huge a relief when you find out the card that will reduce your monthly payments and make you debt free faster. Although most cards offer a balance transfer option, not all of them worth it. We have found the best 0 balance transfer credit cards for you.

Well, 0 APR will not last forever, but it can be beneficial to use such offer at least for the limited time – the longer, the better. And then if your APR can be dropped from 25% to 15% – your annual savings can be huge. The only weird thing about best balance transfers credit cards offers is that your credit score must be good or even excellent.

Citi Platinum Select Master Card

This card offer 0% into APR on balance transfer and purchases for 21 months, which is almost 2 years! After that your regular interest rate will be set up at the level between 11.99 and 20.99 based on your creditworthiness. There is no annual fee, so it seems to be the good balance transfer offer to apply for. You’ll also have discounts from selected merchants as an additional bonus.

Our resume: 21 months of introductory period, that Citi Platinum Select Master Card offers, is huge.

Discover More Card

The introductory period lasts for 15 months and you get 0 APR on purchases and balance transfer. You also receive nice rewards that can be redeemed for cash back or gift cards, so you don’t have to choose between rewards and low rates. Regular APR is 11.99 – 20.99% and there is no annual fee.

Our resume: 0 APR for 15 month plus cash back rewards is the formula of Discover More Cards success.

Chase Freedom

Chase freedom card’ introductory offer last for 12 months and then you can a get a variable APR from 9.99%. With $50 bonus, no annual fee and unlimited 1% cash back (plus you’ll get up to 5% cash back at selected stores and 10% for online shopping through Chase). It seems to be a good deal.

Our resume: 9.99% regular APR is one the lowest offer that comes with unlimited rewards, 12 months intro period and no annual fee.



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