Jul 26, 2011

Top Credit Card Issuers

Issuer’s reputation was named among the most important factors that people think about, when they choose a credit card. There is a list of major credit card issuers that are trusted by millions of people in US and around the world.

  • Bank of America is number one by the number of customers in the United States.
  • Chase (JP Morgan) is in the second position with 119 million cards in circulation.
  • Citibank is on the third place and it has 92 million cards
  • American Express is on fourth position
  • Capital One is number five
  • HSBC is the sixth worldwide credit cards company
  • Discover has about 54 million cards in circulation
  • Wells Fargo and Wachovia has 17 million cards
  • Barclays – outside US issuer is in the ninth position
  • Llyods Group – is the tenth

major credit card companies, top issuers

Top 15 US Credit Card Issuers per on Purchase Volume (in billions of $)

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